Norwich Organs



The following letters have been received from our customers
and are reproduced with their kind permission.

A home organ for Mr. Philip Baldwin

"It is now three months since you delivered my Norwich- and I feel I have had time to settle with it and to feel at home with it, so I thought you might be interested in my initial thoughts.
Overall, I am delighted at the quality of the sound and in many ways it surpasses my expectations. The diapasons are excellent - the Geigen is a nice blend of string and diapason tone. The Choir Open is a nice small scale and a most useful contrast  to the Great Open , which is as warm and full-bodied as anyone could wish.

The strings are excellent, and I feel  the inclusion of a Contra Salicional on the swell is most useful, as it  provides the added benefit  of creating 8'4' when played an octave higher with the 8' Salicional.

The flutes are gorgeous, all different and yet they blend so well together. The Nason is a lovely stopped diapason when played an octave lower, and the Koppel flute lives up to its name by fitting in anywhere. I do like the chiffs on the Chimney flute and Nazard - the mutation stops on the choir are giving me a whole new source of sounds that I'm still finding out about.

The reeds are the icing on the cake - it is such a pleasure to play an organ and not worry about reeds being 'out'. The swell Trumpet is versatile enough to be used as a Trompette or  a chorus reed and I find the provision of a 16' Double Trumpet (on the Great) before a 4' Clarion, an excellent idea. The Choir woodwind stops are an uncanny replica of the real orchestral instrument and the Tuba could have belonged to Gabriel himself!
The Pedal department is superbly equipped to deal with any combination - I am pleased that I had the Gross Quint 10 2/3 fitted as it can be used with any of the 16' stops to produce an acoustic 32' bass, and that we did not alter the volume level of the pedal Trombone!
From a playing point of view, everything feels exactly as it should- drawstops, distances, pedals - and it is astonishingly easy to play."

Yours sincerely

Philip Baldwin
April 1994

"Two years on nothing has changed. I am just as thrilled with it now as I was in April 1994."
Philip Baldwin
October 1996


An organ for the United Reformed Church Victoria Street, Derby

"I am writing to you to say that the Walsingham 903 three manual organ which you installed at the above church is proving to be an excellent instrument.
The tonal variations which can be obtained from the 39 speaking stops is superb and gives light and shade throughout the range of the organ. It is difficult to discern that the sound generated is not that of a pipe organ.
I have no hesitation in recommending your company's product.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,"
Norman A. Smith     Organist


Anstey methodist Church, near Leicester

"You will I know receive an official letter of thanks and appreciation concerning the delivery and installation of our beautiful Norwich organ, but I felt that I must write a personal thank you.
Many people at the Church have expressed to me how pleased they are with my choice of instrument, how wonderful it sounds and of how richly the services are enhanced by its contribution.
My thanks to you and Ken for the work involved in producing such a fine organ, I am sure that I shall be happy for years to come."

Yours sincerely,"
V G Norton   Organist  April 1994

"With more than 2 ½ years of use of the organ behind me, I can only say what a joy it is to play it."

VG Norton October 1996


In 1996 we rebuilt an instrument for Mr. Cubitt of Norwich. The organ was originally built in 1978. The work included a full digital upgrade, as well as changes and additions to the stoplist.

"I have pleasure in enclosing my cheque in final payment for the excellent work you have carried out on my Norwich organ.
The result is all that I had hoped for and you and your colleagues deserve great praise for achieving this.
I am sure that the improved instrument will give me many playing years of pleasure.

With thanks,
Yours sincerely"
M Cubitt    June 1996


A home organ for Mr. Michael Bass in Singapore

"My apologies for waiting nearly three weeks to inform you that my organ arrived safely, was quickly installed, and has since had considerable use. I am utterly delighted. I can also assure you that this kind of instrument is more than a little unusual in Singapore!
May I take this opportunity to say what a singular pleasure it was to deal with you throughout this process, and how impressed I am with the result.

Michael Bass   February 1997


A home organ for Mr. Keith Allen in Norfolk

"I am writing to let you know that I am absolutely delighted with my Norwich Walsingham organ which you installed in my home in July.
The sound is very realistic indeed, the  tremulants are perfect and everything feels just right.
The console and stool are beautifully made and look superb - lovely pieces of furniture in their own right, entirely at home in our sitting room.
Everyone who hears and sees the organ is most impressed. I'm not surprised!

Best wishes to you and Ken
Yours sincerely"
Keith Allen        October   1999


Dear Mr. Plummer,

I write to say that I am extremely pleased indeed with the work you have carried out on my Walsingham 902, in the provision of the latest capture system together with the additional stops which I had requested.
The result is absolutely marvellous.  Thank you very much for doing such a superb, first class job.
The organ is my pride and joy and I am so pleased that I came to you initially.
Our new rector called recently and was soon confessing to being guilty of great envy! I did not know beforehand that he is no mean organist and it was sometime before he could drag himself away from my console.
It seems very odd but I have since discovered that my name is high up on the list of those in the parish who are in need of frequent visits from the rector in person!

With best wishes
Keith Allen



St Margaret's Church, Bilsthorpe, Notts

"It will soon be a year since our Norwich organ was installed, and although we have kept in touch, we thought it fitting that we recorded our appreciation of this excellent instrument.
As you are aware, our pipe organ, weary after many years, eventually expired. Many hours and miles were spent examining the options available to us, which had to be considered against a tight budget.
We feel the new console blends into our old Church extremely well, has opened up a useful space, and given us a tonal range you would normally associate with a much larger pipe organ. The high level speakers give a 'wall to wall' effect, which is also a big improvement.
We would be delighted to receive a visit from any Church in our general area who are considering a similar installation, and we feel that they also would be suitably impressed.

Yours sincerely,
Derek Reaney"

Organist        March 1997


In 1995 we rebuilt an instrument for Dr DJ Henry  of Nottingham to a specification by Paul Hale of Southwell Minster. The organ was originally built as a 2 manual in 1986. The work included a full digital upgrade, as well as the addition of a third manual and changes to the stoplist.

"I am writing to express my appreciation of the excellent work you did in converting my  2-manual analogue instrument to 3- manual digital technology.
The results exceeded my expectations. The authentic  range of stops from lovely solo reeds on the positive, through a splendid full swell to the  convincing diapason chorus makes the instrument a real joy to play. Your helpful staff and especially your voicer, Mr Clifford Hyatt, are to be congratulated"

Yours sincerely,
DJ Henry"