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Devon Organ

As a church organist I always wanted to have my own practice organ at home, so many years ago my friend and I started to build a two-manual organ for our own pleasure.  This was based on a kit but when we realized what could be achieved, this became a very large three-manual organ with "floating" divisions, and proved to be a very fine but unfinished organ.

After 25 years and with the progress of technology, we thought that the best way of finishing and updating the original organ was to go digital.  With this in mind we approached several firms to see if this could be possible.

Mr. David Plummer of Norwich Organs and his team, were very enthusiastic from the beginning, and have kept in touch and involved us throughout all stages, and on our visits to "the works" we were well looked after and nothing was too much trouble.

In fact for David and his staff this project turned out to be almost a labour of love, resulting in to our minds, a most magnificient organ that sounds superb.